What Is Traumeel?

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Traumeel is an all-natural product used to heal bruises and relief pain. This holistic medication is used for a multitude of injuries, specifically for joint pains.

The popular anti-inflammatory, homeopathic product comes in over-the-counter petroleum-free gel, tablets, ointment, oral vials and oral drops. Traumeel is often used and recommended in place of NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs)

Does Traumeel Really Work?
Traumeel is clinically proven and has been introduced by the FDA or Federal Drug Administration as one of the effective pain relievers in the world of medicine.

Several clinical studies show Traumeel to be safe and rarely causes side effects. PubMed has at least one study stating:

current information suggests that Traumeel may be considered as an anti-inflammatory agent that is at least as effective and appears to be better tolerated than NSAIDs.


What Are Traumeel’s Benefits?
In case you want to relieve your joint pain, sore muscles, tendonitis, arthritis or other musculoskeletal pain your doctor might recommend you Traumeel.  (The musculoskeletal system is made up of the body’s bones (the skeleton), muscles, cartilage,[1] tendons, ligaments, joints, and other connective tissue that supports and binds tissues and organs together. source: Wikipedia). Traumeel is also available without prescription.

Does Traumeel Have Side Effects?
Traumeel contains all natural-organic ingredients. Since it is formulated of natural materials, it has no side effects. However, it’s always wise to have a look at the ingredients in case one should be allergic. If you, for any reason, would like to find a Traumeel alternative you should really check out BioAstin Astaxanthin.

Which Ingredients Are In Traumeel?
This supplement has various active ingredients of which the most well known are; There are Arnica, Hamamelis, Calenda, Hepar sufuris, Aconitum, Chamonilla, Bellis perennis, and Mercurius.

The ingredients of Traumeel have been used for many years for therapeutic purposes, such as for

  • pain (Atropa belladonna),
  • inflammation (Echinacea),
  • bruising (Arnica montana),
  • wound healing (Matricaria recutita, Calendula officinalis),
  • bleeding (Achillea millefolium),
  • edema (Mercurius solubilis),
  •  and infections (Hepar sulfuris).  (source: PubMed)

In the 1930’s the German physician Dr Reckeweg made Traumeel by combining therapeutic herbs and minerals that had already been used medicinally for centuries.

What Makes Traumeel Special and Effective?
Apart from arnica montana, Traumeel combines 12 botanical and 2 mineral substances as active ingredients to produce a synergistic result, enhancing the therapeutic effects of applying arnica alone.

Research on Traumeel is ongoing and more health benefits are suspected to come to light. One interesting example, preclinical evidence and other findings suggest that Traumeel helps stabilize the immune system.

Have you used Traumeel before? Did it work for you? We would love to hear about your experiences.

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  1. Traumeel is truly one of the best products on the market for pain and inflammation. I just started taking the tablets and ave been using ointment & cream for many years.
    I highly recommend homeopatic meds for pain rather regular medicines…thank you for finding this product …CC

  2. My doctor prescribed Traumeel for arthritis, and it works wonders! It is especially effective when used in biopuncture, a procedure that infuses the medicine like acupuncture. I get these treatments about once a year and they really work. Goodbye ibuprofen!

  3. I had a severe fall on Dec.23.2013 on my right side, injuring my knee, and ankle which is most swollen and blue. I also have prior injuries to my left ankle and right shoulder and my tail bone. Will this work for me? Do tell the truth. Thanks.

    1. The strange thing about Traumeel is that it seems to work for many people (just check out the reviews) even though it is a homeopathic medicine.

      Homeopathic products don’t work, they can’t because there’s virtually no active ingredient present in them. Anyone who tells you something else is wrong.

      Surprisingly, Traumeel does work for a lot of people. You could credit the placebo effect but more likely, it has to do with the concentrations of the active ingredients.

      Contrary to many true homeopatic products which are diluted until there’s virtually nothing of ingredients left, Traumeel contains low concentrations of natural ingredients.

      According to at least one PubMed study: “high dilutions have no effect, but an effect is seen within a certain range of low concentrations, after which higher doses have the opposite effect. “.

      I haven’t used it myself but if I were you I’d give it a try. It’s inexpensive and, also according to a PubMed study, it is “at least as effective and appears to be better tolerated than NSAIDs”. Let me know if it worked for you.

      1. If you have never used a product, how can you comment on it? Homeopathics do actually work, it’s not a quick fix like modern medicine, but they do work. Traumeel is amazing!!!!!!

    2. well it does work!! I was shot in a home evasion, seven times, and had 12 surgeries, and have a lot of nerve pain, and arthritis pain, and swelling, and a friend of mine told me about this product, its great, try it and anyone who said it doesn’t work, probably haven’t tried it!!

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